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December 2013

Remembering Hawpatch Veterans: The McConnells

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January 21, 2014

"Railroading on the Wabash Fourth District" with Victor Baird

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             Situated in the heart of northeast Indiana’s Amish Country, Topeka was originally home to the peaceful Potawatomi Indians and the Hawpatch Trail first used by the black buffalo to cross the marshes.  Anthony Nelson was among the first white settlers to move onto the Hawpatch in 1832.


 Originally known as Slabtown because of its many sawmills and houses built of slab-wood, the town was renamed Topeka in 1892 at the suggestion of the Wabash Railroad.  Topeka was platted on June 14, 1893; however the Town of Topeka was not officially organized until September 1, 1913.


Nothing captures the spirit of Topeka and her residents better than words of a historian in 1882 who described the emerging community.  “As for the people, they are intelligent, enterprising and cultured and with a decided penchant for large farms and comfortable or even elegant homes, where generous hospitality is always found.”